Terms & Conditions

FeederBid Terms and Conditions

Activity on this site will be conducted in accordance to the rules detailed below and any other provisions added on www.feederbid.com.

Account Registration

Any visitor wishing to participate in listings must register by creating an account. To register, the user must provide all required information and agree to these Terms & Conditions. By agreeing, the user is acknowledging the information they entered is accurate and that any bids or purchases are binding agreements between the Buyer and the Seller. All accounts will require email verification and will not have selling permissions until deemed appropriate by site admins. FeederBid reserves the right to disable accounts for any reason with or without prior notice.

Bidding on Auctions

Any bid placed on an auction is final unless discussed with the Selling Party ("Seller"). By bidding, you are stating you are ready and willing to purchase the item for the bid amount, plus any taxes, fees, shipping charges. If you cannot pay, do not bid. Any user who wins an auction or purchases an item for sale will be required to pay the invoice within 48hrs. Sellers may choose to extend this payment period as long as they wish. Any user who has an outstanding invoice with a buyer who has not agreed to extend the payment period past the current point in time will be required to pay immediately. If the user cannot pay their invoice, the seller may void the invoice and relist the item. Sellers reserve the right to report buyers to the site admins for non-payment or any other reason.

Non-payment of an invoice will result in an immediate account deactivation. Any attempt to bypass account deactivation will result in a permanent ban and negative marks posted to the non-paying user's account.

Selling an Item

Any item listed for sale either by auction, fixed-price, or any other mechanism must be legal and appropriate for sale. Listing descriptions must be accurate and note any defects or bring attention to any information that may be important to users interested in purchasing. However, it is not the responsibility of the seller to educate or inform bidders or buyers on every detail of owning, keeping, or maintain the item in question. 

User Disputes

Any user (buyer or seller) is allowed to dispute actions from the opposite party during a transaction. This may be disputing an invoice debit/credit, a listing description, or feedback received. If FeederBid finds any mal-intent behind the action that was disputed, that party will be permanently removed from FeederBid and will no longer be able to buy or sell on this platform. Removed parties will have their listings ended, feedback removed, and all access taken away. Dispute decisions are final.